On the heels of its premium Search Tweets API launch, Twitter has further extended historical access to Tweets with a new, premium full-archive search endpoint.

The ability to access Tweets from as early as 2006 increases the types of answers and insights at a person’s disposal. The insights can include what the world has been saying about a brand over the last decade, how has the conversation during major award shows shifted over the years and how do people respond to major technology product launches year over year.

At present, the full-archive search endpoint is available in beta. This new endpoint on the premium Search Tweets API provides access to every public Tweet currently on Twitter, all the way back to Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s (@jack) first Tweet in 2006. This marks the first time that this data is available outside of the annual contracts and pricing commitments of Twitter enterprise APIs.

Source: arabianmarketer.ae (Zeba Mahmud)