We are… hmmm.. where do we start?

That’s a million dollar question most individual and businesses face inspite of being experts in their own fields, and having reasonable clarity in what they are doing in their niche. We are a group of independent energetic professionals equipped with the knowledge of design, branding, communications and business processes. We can help you deliver clear communication to your audience, with a suitably-dressed persona : Read – Brand identity for your company. We do not claim to be self-professed Guru’s.. but we believe we do have a way with looking at things differently and arriving at newer and simpler solutions.

We will help you answer your million dollar question and not charge you that much. We are based physically in Dubai – UAE, but mostly found with all our senses, on the world wide web, forever gathering knowledge about the best practices in communication – traditional as well as new media. Our underground identities would be revealed to you soon… till then do enjoy our friendly company. Have the desire to bring about a new communication dimension to your business? Interested in using the web to create a community of your loyalists through your website?

Write to us at : art@67.media

Our Creative Skills

Print Design 80%
Web Design 90%
Web Development 85%
Creative Skill 90%

Why Choose Us?

Ultimately, we are a business that provide tangible knowledge, intelligence, education and dialogue that positively influences customers and business results.

We build and strengthen brands with passion, partnership and by challenging our clients to be the very best they can be.

We demonstrate global standards with regional focus, bridging strategy, creativity and technology under one roof.

Our Professional Team

Our dedicated team of experts

Komail Lalani

Komail Lalani

Art Director
MAK Joseph

MAK Joseph

Web Developer
Nagesh Pai

Nagesh Pai

Wordpress Expert

Happy Clients

Our solutions are popular with large, middle-sized and small companies alike. Below you will find a list of some of our clients.